Art of E Juice

We’ve seen a list of celebrities who enjoy the art of vaping, now let’s look at the hidden art within vaping: e juice. What is ejuice exactly? It is the tobacco-free liquid created to replace traditional cigarettes. You fill your device and it is what you vape essentially. How can this be viewed as art though? Well let me show you.

First off, the beautiful thing about vaping and ejuice is that studies have shown that vaping can be up to 95% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Since ejuice is made of four main ingredients, two of which are found in everyday products that we already use, it is easier to decipher that there are far fewer toxins found in vaping.

Secondly, ejuices are created very delicately with great attention put into detail. Some companies even hire experienced mixologists to create tastes that are able to replicate your favorite flavors like that of chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, or a tropical smoothie! They are the artists behind these masterpieces.

Still not convinced? Then let me offer you the definition of “art”. Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. I don’t know about you, but I would have to say that it definitely takes creative skills and imagination to be able to create all these various ejuice flavors.

Finally, let’s take a look at a brand that is known for their creativity and imagination; Naked. Naked ejuices are among the most renowned flavors being offered on the market at this time. The brand recently announced the arrival of an entirely new line of tobacco flavors; great for those who wish to quit smoking traditional cigarettes without giving up the taste. Vapers within the community are going absolutely wild over this line and for good reason too! It seems that the various flavors offered by the Naked ejuice line have yet to disappoint. Fruity, creamy, and/or menthol, Naked e juice delivers with elegance.

To conclude, I applaud all those who assist in the production of ejuice and cannot wait to write another piece on this fantastic industry. I think we can all agree that there is a special kind of art here. Not only does vaping offer a safer alternative to smoking, but there is beauty to be found in the making of it all. 

Celebs Who Vape

A modern art form being practiced is the art of vaping. While this may be popular amongst you, your friends, and even your loved ones; this is also becoming an extremely popular lifestyle for those on the red carpet. Let’s take a look at just a few celebrities who have been spotted with an e-cig in hand.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo was actually spotted at the Screen Actors Guild Awards taking a puff from his vape pen while among the audience. This event started a bit of a controversy and the Oscar’s even placed a ban on the usage of vapes at their future event. Sorry, Leo.

Normal Reedus

Well-known for his role as Daryl on TWD, as well as the role in Boondock Saints I and II, Norman Reedus has been found in multiple pictures vaping from his vape pen and there have been a few reports of people seeing him inside of vape shops, though this cannot be confirmed.

Katy Perry

Pop sensation, Katy Perry, has been spotted a few times as well with an e-cig in hand. She also caused some controversy by sharing her vape with the popular actor Orlando Bloom. Oh the chaos….not really.

Charlie Sheen

“Winning”, tiger-blood drinking actor Charlie Sheen is always a part of the vaping community. He even became the owner of his own brand: NicoSheen Electronic Cigarettes, however it is unfortunately no longer in business.  

Jack Nicholson

One of the most famous actors around, Jack Nicholson, is said to have switched to vaping so that he could continue smoking without having to deal with the nasty side effects that regular tobacco cigarettes provide, such as tar-filled lungs. Good for you, Jack.

Katherine Heigl

You can see Katherine Heigl puffing on an e-cigarette right on the David Letterman show. She even offers David Letterman to join her. While on the show, she goes on to speak about how she started smoking when she was 25 and then quit with when the e-cigs became a great alternative.

Johnny Depp

Renowned heart-throb Johnny Depp can be seen vaping in the movie, “The Tourist”, but the actor can also be seen vaping off screen as well.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has quite the touching story. After his mother passed away, he upheld his promise to her about quitting smoking. He posted a picture on Twitter, with the caption “This is for you, mom”. The picture shows Bruno holding an e-cigarette in hand.

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